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Welcome to M H Media. We are a small, independent book publisher and distributor dedicated to the developing author. At present we are small, but several works are in the process.

M H Media does not accept unsolicited materials, but rather seeks out works from recommended artists who are having difficulty connecting to the established publishing industry due to controversial or non-traditional subjects.

Our Featured Book!

We are pleased to feature a work by acclaimed author Pamela Kay Walker.

Click here for a full-size imageMoving Over the Edge, Artists with Disabilities Take the Leap is about the author's coming of age alongside disability activists and artists with disabilities, reflecting the sociological evolution from disability rights to disability culture. It features many of the artists and groups that emerged in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1980s, including Axis Dance Company, Bruce Curtis, CJ Jones, David Roche, Cheryl Marie Wade and Wry Crips Disabled Women's Theater

"A wonderfully lucid, fluid, fact-packed, insightful style
Just the right blend of the personal, political, and artistic."

--Ken Stein, City of San Francisco, Mayor's Office on Disability

"What a fascinating and unique chronicle of the development
of the disability rights movement as it pertains to art."

--Writer's Digest

"If you are going to buy one book about artists with a disability, this should be it."

-- Barbara Duncan, Editor, International Rehabilitation Review

"...Walker produces a vital resource book of visual, literary, and performing artists."
-- Ann Millett, Disability Studies Quarterly

"This is an extremely important book, which not only describes the role of artists with disabilities...,
but also how the intersection of art, advocacy and activism has moved forward disability rights."
-- Steven E. Brown, The Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal